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Make data-driven decisions faster with Microsoft Power BI

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service which allows you to interact with data and come up with interactive visualizations. This interactive BI tool allows users, even those who do not want to get into technical details, to create comprehensive reports and dashboards without assistance from IT resource.

More than just dashboards and beautiful visualizations

Power BI provides organizations with a powerful business analytics tool that takes them beyond beautiful visualizations. This cloud based service allows you to anticipate trends, easily gather and organize information that allows for informed business decisions.

Say goodbye to inefficient systems of silos and unrealized potential of your data. Usher in the interactive world of Power BI which allows you to do much more with your data from a single view of critical business data, live dashboard, rich interactive reports to being able to access data on the go.

Play around with data to get the insights you want within minutes. From aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data, Microsoft Power BI gives you the power to monitor your business health. Let’s see what features do you get along with your Power BI.

Why Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a best-in-class cloud based business analytics service that visualizes your business data securely and in real-time. With Power BI, all it takes is five minutes to start creating personalized dashboards that will help you find relevant answers to business critical questions.


All your data in one place for streamlined access

Provides a secure access to your data regardless of its form or origin, including spreadsheets, streaming data or on-premises databases.

Curate custom reports and dashboards instantly

Create and publish custom reports and dashboards personalized for specific teams or business units for faster decision making.

Native applications for all major mobile platforms

Provide a lightening fast access to your data resources on any device using native apps for iOS, android and windows operating systems

Collaborate, share and interact on reports in real-time

Helps you cut through the decision-making cycle by empowering your teams to collaborate and share insights in a real-time environment.

Intelligent search function for contextual search

Simply type a question, for instance: “What is this year’s sales figure for all stores?” and get an instant answer along with data insights

Get notifications and alerts for any changes in data

Track and manage your data compliances with custom notifications and alerts along with change logs

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