Reshape customer expectations

Deliver lasting value

Customer experience is all about interactions and the emotions they form

Customers service expectations are constantly being reshaped by advances in consumer technology. The race is on to find the best way to differentiate and personalize while delivering immediate and lasting value in terms of experience. It requires an entire ecosystem, including smarter business processes, agile applications, integrated set of tools and relevant content, all seamlessly aligned to engage customers successfully.

Orion enables you to deliver the said experience by helping you discover the motivations and goals your customers are driven with. Using a data-driven approach, we help you capture and analyse customer data, improve business processes and build new engagement channels that deliver results.

Orion’s Customer Engagement Solutions

Foster brand growth and loyalty through CRM

Manage relations to improve returns

Enterprises while implementing customer strategies, does not really take the customers under their confidence and hence the mismatch between what the customer wants and what is actually provided.
For successful customer engagement, customers should have the freedom to interact and engage as per their requirements.

Orion assists in executing CRM that allows enterprises to successfully handle the whole engagement spectrum, from targeted and contextual engagement, consistent face across all touch points, schedule and programmatically distribute created content across multiple content distribution channels.

Be where the customers are

Connect the dots and reach out to target audience in social media space

Enterprises that wants to know their customers usually follow customers to their end of the woods: social media space. It is not enough to just be present in all possible social platforms. The trick is to be able to get through to your target audience, not overwhelm them with promotions, and have new interesting content that keeps them come back for more. Make the social media space work for you.

Orion assists organizations to leverage social sites to target, analyze, remarket ads for your target audience and align messages as per a platform’s audience activity.

Build your brand online

Humanize your business

In an always-on world, how customers read and interact with content is changing. Customers are attracted to a brand and remain loyal based on their association and also how the brand is perceived in the market. Online marketing allows enterprises to humanize business, and convey their mission and values.

Orion enables enterprises to use their brand voice to attract and retain customers’ attention, and build long term loyalty. We work on the whole spectrum of marketing activities right from generating traffic and leads, subtle messaging, to responsive designs.

Success Story

Know how a leading electronic products distribution and transportation company delivered exceptional customer experience with automation and unified communication platform.

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