Empower employees to power your organization

Strategically shape work performance

Empower your employees to be the best versions of themselves

Significant percentage of workforce today are millennials who are themselves tech savvy and conversant with usage of technology in their everyday life from voicing opinions, spreading message, reviewing and buying products and services via social media. To empower and elevate these digital workforce to take their own decisions, positively impact business processes, and ultimately their job satisfaction is a key step for organizational success.

Orion could assist your valued resources to achieve more in an intelligent, flexible and secure environment. By leveraging our proven expertise in developing and delivering enterprise-wide collaboration applications and platforms that are integrated with your technology systems, data and analytics, and cloud, we deliver a cohesive solution that can transform your workplace and boost productivity.

Orion’s Employee Empowerment Solution

Map productivity to working smart

Being productive as opposed to being busy

It is a challenge to keep employees productive and on task without them succumbing to distraction. Distracted workforce leads to reduced output, missed deadlines and disgruntled customers. The solution to this challenge is to create an open and communicative environment that allows for instant access to critical data, greater visibility of business objectives, and a technology landscape that makes it easier to learn and improve team efficiency.

Orion’s business process automation solutions are engineered to optimize your operations through seamless & efficient process automation. We leverage advanced reporting and business analytics tools that give you deeper understanding of employee performance and how to further improve their productivity.

Smart Data Warehousing

Reap dividends by staying informed whenever, wherever

A staff that has to stumble through many systems before they can catch hold of required data is bound to be frustrated. Losing time and energy in gathering and collating data from disparate systems could reduce employee motivation and also increase the chance of errors creeping in. Enterprises need an integral business strategy which involves investing in technology to provide a ready and easy access to information in an open and collaborative work environment. Orion’s enterprise search solutions provides relevant and complete results across your disparate enterprise data warehouses and documents.

Collaborate to improve and become stronger

Teamwork is secret sauce of an organization’s success

The digital workforce of today is used to wheeling and dealing with information at the speed of light. Letting them wallow in legacy technologies and traditional silo-ed work processes is bound to bring in its share of miscommunication, loss of time and low morale. Your digital workforce could be energized by giving them the power to be smarter, speedier, and able to boost productivity. Collaboration platforms besides allowing employees to share knowledge and communicate has the potential to strategically shape work performance.

Orion develop and deliver enterprise-wide collaboration applications and platforms that are integrated with your technology systems, data and analytics, and cloud solutions to ensure you have a cohesive solution that can transform your workplace and boost productivity.

Data, one click away

Access data anywhere, anytime

A big part of being a knowledge industry vis a vis a manufacturing industry is that work can go on from anywhere. In spite of being a high performer, having to commute long distance or adapt to space constraints in work environment affects job performance and overall morale. Employees get more job satisfaction and improves engagement when presented with the option to work where they want. Organizations that provide access via employee portals and team sites allows employees to maintain their productivity even if they are working from home, or different location or teams. Orion enables you to harness the power of data analytics and reporting tool to harvest innovation and make business decisions on the move.

Success Story

Know how we helped a leading education board transform employee productivity with product innovation that drove automation and digitization of entire scoring, evaluation and result publication process.