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Access your business data anywhere, anytime

Mobile is revolutionizing how business communicates, collaborates, collects and manages data.

Mobile devices have evolved from phones that also provide access to emails to sophisticated computers capable of actively and passively collecting information, providing access to tools and powerful software. They have proved to be one of the most disruptive technologies in the past decade. Along with the disruption come significant opportunities.

Orion’s mobility services are designed to help your organization identify and exploit the immediate and long-term opportunities of moving to mobile technologies.

  • Context-driven, location-aware data collection and management to provide real-time data analytics and reporting
  • Cloud storage to provide data collection and access from remote locations
  • Improved user experience for customers using mobile apps
  • Applications designed to improve collaboration and access to informaiton
  • Security and privacy protocols to protect customer information, company data and employee information.

Orion has been in the forefront of mobility, developing tools and applications to take advantage of mobile technologies that can improve business processes, collect and analyze data, and positioning your IT systems to improve productivity.

Mobile solutions for the entire enterprise

Orion’s Mobility Offerings

Orion is experienced with most of the leading mobile platforms, including Android, iOS®, Blackberry®, Windows Mobile®; and HTML 5 native hybrid applications. Our custom and cross-platform mobile application development capabilities create powerful, intuitive solutions that enhance productivity and streamline processes. We provide mobility solutions across all major industry segments and verticals. Orion’s ‘mSolutions framework’ and processes deliver a true engine for rapid implementation of business applications for phones and tablets easily integrated with web and desktop platforms. We deliver unified cross-platform technology solutions for the entire enterprise. Our mobility solutions and services include:


Mobile Strategy Development

  • Develop a roadmap for devising effective mobility solutions based on a deep understanding of your mobility goals and challenges
  • Future-proof your investments in mobile leveraging our knowledge and experience in trending technologies, services and products
  • Recommend possible business models, solutions and services that fall within your investment goals and will deliver performance

Mobile Application Development and Maintenance

  • Develop custom build software applications specifically targeted at hand-held devices
  • Build flexible mobile applications and service that complement your infrastructure and if required, scale up or down based on business needs
  • Native mobile applications are built on our very own cross-platform convergence solutions
  • Integrate new applications with existing enterprise software systems

Migration and Testing

  • Migrate existing applications to new mobile platforms and integrate mobile solutions with existing applications
  • Make existing software applications available to all users on hand-held devices thereby increasing the flexibility as well as adoption

Maintenance and Support

  • Perform regular technology audits and review existing solutions to ensure effective performance and usage
  • Perform technology upgrades, optimization and feature enhancements required from an end-user perspective
  • Use automation tools to reduce errors and perform data integrity checks

Mobile Analytics

We leverage our Data and Analytics expertise to deliver mobile analytics that enable you to monitor and improvise performance of applications and increase the productivity of users

Orion’s Business Value

Realize ROI on your mobility investment.

Mobility Platform

Enterprise mobility platform that integrates seamlessly into the existing enterprise applications and technology stack

Time Reduction

Reduced development time for functionality, including messaging (alerts and notifications), form-based transactions and business intelligence & reporting

SLA Support

Guaranteed SLA (service-level agreement) for support and upgrades on a range of devices including iOS®, Android™, Windows® and HTML5 devices


24/7 Availability

Teams placed strategically in different time zones offer 24/7 availability

Extensible Framework

Extensible framework for newer platform requirements and ready access to platform engineers

Our Experience

Extensive experience with mobile integration and solution platforms