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Deliver value, sustain growth and improve profitability through data-driven digital transformation

Simplifying and accelerating your business growth through digital capabilities, build RIGHT for you

In today’s integrated business environment, professional services firms have reached to an inflection point where digital disruption and new business models are changing the ground rules of service delivery, client engagement and driving growth for incumbent players. The mounting pressure to perform consistently and have a measurable impact on clients’ business is leading professional services firms to accelerate adoption of digital capabilities powered by data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud.

For over two decades now, Orion has been working with leading professional services firms as well as fast growing ones, around the world, to understand their key issues and initiatives and support them holistically. These include accounting, legal and management consulting organizations.

Our Services

Orion with its reusable frameworks, automation building blocks & workflows and a deep professional services domain expertise provides you the modern productivity and business process automation solutions that are tailored as per your business needs.

Digital Business

Improve your business operations, meet increasing client needs and empower your digital workforce with our digital solutions and services.

Risk and Compliance

Address broad issues of corporate governance and standardize compliance operations across your business.

  • Operational Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Control Design and Assessments
  • Advanced Reports and Dashboards

Digital Support Services

Reduce service implementation and running costs by simplifying your IT operations

Business Process Automation

Increase employee productivity so you spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus more on addressing strategic business needs.

  • BPM Consulting Services
  • DevOps
  • Automated audit solution accelerators
  • SOA and Integration
  • Bots and artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators

Collaboration and Communication

Increase flexibility and encourage innovation across the firm, driven by instant and secure communication and collaboration solutions with capabilities that can be accessed across devices and locations.

  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Jump-start with industry experts

Orion has been a trusted partner to world’s top professional services organizations for the past two decades, delivering data-driven and agile solutions for automating, streamlining and increasing adaptiveness of business processes. With our automated audit solution accelerators and frameworks, we help you take a jump-start no matter where you are on your journey and transform your business process with unparalleled support and commitment.

Read more about our capabilities in the brochure below and get started.

Brochure and Success Stories

Learn how we are helping our customers succeed as digital technologies continue to disrupt professional services industry.